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The Pirate Takes a Bride (Misadventures in Matrimony #4)

Set Sail with a Sexy Pirate!

The Pirate Takes A Bride

     Ashley couldn't breathe. The air in her lungs burned hot and dry. "No," she wheezed. She stumbled, shaking her head, willing the sight of the lovers to vanish. She blinked, but Nick was still holding another woman in his arms; his face was still slightly flushed from desire for another. His cerulean blue eyes met hers, and their gazes held. His was expectant. Unrepentant."You bastard,"she spat. "You're going to thank me for this one day," he said.

The Pirate Takes A Bride captures the spirit of author Shana Galen's Misadventures of Matrimony series, provides Nick and Ashley's back story which is alluded to in Blackthorne's Bride and takes the story to a new level.

Shana Galen's writing style has evolved during the time that the last novel in this series, Blackthorne's Bride was published and it shows in Pirate's storyline. Galen does an excellent job writing these characters which she created in the past in her present day writing style. Pirate has conflict, emotion, action and is fast -paced which are the hallmarks of Ms. Galen's style. She weaves in some poignant scenes between the couple which leaves the reader hoping for Nick and Ashley's HEA. Our hero and heroine are well written and memorable.

Nick and Ashley's Grand Adventure contains many secrets, tattooed pirates, bloody battles and takes place on a pirate ship and on a tropical island. I loved the pirate battles which took place on the Robin Hood, they are well written. I read the final scenes well into the evening. The final pages were both intense and poignant. The story held my attention from start to finish.

I enjoyed the mix of action, adventure and romance in this novel. I am pleased to report that it was well worth the seven year wait to see what the author had planned for Nick and Ashley. Thank you Shana Galen for listening to your fans and writing such a fabulous conclusion to the Misadventures in Matrimony series!!!

Lady Celeste gives The Pirate Takes A Bride by Shana Galen

a six pack!

Review by Susan Gorman
ARC provided by author

What Lady Celeste's friends have to say about
The Pirate Takes A Bride 

Nick & Ashley could only be together.
They need each other.
Ashley, so immature. Needs to grow up.
Nicholas needs to let go. Move on with his life.
There is true romance learned and I love that.
Two people fighting it and a little surprise
that helps the both of them very much.
Realize what matters. Whats really important.
What a terrific addition to the Misadventures in Matrimony series.

"I want it all," she whispered. "I want you.
All of you." She looked into his eyes, so
clear and blue. His face, so strong and
"I want you to love me."

Review by Lisa Hutson
ARC provided by author


  1. Absolutely adding this one to my must read list. Looks like a great beach read too. Excellent review by Sue, she made me want to read the book without giving the story away. Love the six pack corgi rating too!!

    1. Thank you Karen!
      You will love the characters!

  2. Lisa--love your quote and your thoughts on the book. Nick was my kind of hero! :)


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