Sunday, March 8, 2015

Kiss Me Hello -- Grace Burrowes

Grace Burrowes delivers a deeply romantic love story with drama, humor and compassion in Kiss Me Hello the final book in the Sweetest Kisses series. I read the first two novels in this series and sensed there was a bit of mystery about our hero Mackenzie Knightley. I wondered why this shy man who was the managing partner of his family law firm wasn't married or in a relationship. Something did not not add up....what was Mac's story?

Mac volunteers his time as a blacksmith shoeing horses at a therapeutic horse riding school for children. While at the stables Mac offers to visit a nearby farm to check on a pair of large horses who have mysteriously appeared on the property. He meets Sidonie Lindstrom, the new owner of the farm and her foster son Luis. Sidonie observes that Mac recognizes the draft horses as calls them by name. The horses, Daisy and Buttercup, are clearly pleased to see Mac. Sid has moved to the country to start over. Her brother died and she is tired of dealing with estate attorneys. As a foster mother, she has also grown weary of lawyers and intrusions from members of the social services department. Assuming that Mac is a full time farrier, Sid mentions her dislike for legal matters several times to him. Mac does not correct Sid's belief and this lie of omission is a key piece of the storyline. How long can Mac keep this secret from Sid? And how will she react when the secret is revealed?

Kudos to author Grace Burrowes for writing a sensuous love story about a couple in their mid -to late thirties. I loved it when Sid turned the tables on Mac and kissed him in a crowded restaurant. That kiss changed the game for Sid and Mac. Their relationship progressed from friendship to love at a believable pace. Loved how Sid and Mac spent time together baking pies, brownies and quiches and planning and planting a vegetable garden.

Mac, Sid and Luis suffered disappointments in their lives and were afraid to hope, trust and love. The last few chapters of the book were emotional and tense. Secrets were revealed and there were several unexpected plot twists. This well - written story is about love, family, & forgiveness which will warm your heart and make you believe that love triumphs over adversity every time.

In my opinion Grace Burrowes saved the best story for last!

Reviewed by Susan Gorman


  1. This sounds like a great story; caring people, do meaningful work, who find one another and fall in love. Very nice review Susan, and the brownies and tea are a nice compliment to the review!

  2. Thank you Karen!!
    Appreciate it so much!


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