Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Love of A Rogue--Christi Caldwell

Have you seen the gorgeous cover for author Christi Caldwell's The Love Of A Rogue? I admit that the cover piqued my interest to read the most recent story 
in the author's Heart of A Duke series. And I am pleased to report that I thoroughly enjoyed this sensuous love story between Lady Imogen and Lord Alex!

Betrayed by her younger sister and humiliated by her former fiancé , Lady Imogen Moore has retreated from polite society. She has decided to abandon her desire for a love match until her friend Chloe Edgerton gifts Imogen with a special pendant. Chloe tells Imogen that the heart shaped locket will help her find her true love. Chloe convinces Imogen to come out of hiding by suggesting a shopping trip or an evening at the theater. When Imogen protests, Chloe mentions that no one will gossip about Imogen because Chloe's brother, the Marquess of Waverly will accompany them.

Lord Alexander Edgerton is an unlikely choice for a chaperone. He is a scandalous rogue who is much more comfortable gambling and drinking with his friends than escorting Chloe on shopping expeditions and to the theater. Alex is upset that his brother, the Marquess of Waverly has decided that Alex must earn his allowance this season and is not too amused when Chloe insists that Imogen be included as well.

The first few conversations between Alex and Imogen are important as they explain each characters' perspective. This conversation takes place in the Duke of Waverly's carriage. Imogen is surprised to find Alex in the carriage.

"I'd prefer the marquess because he is respectable." Imogen gave him a pointed look. "And he is not a rogue."

At her insolent tone, he narrowed his eyes. "And you are disappointed that there is not marquess to work your charms upon."

Imogen snorted. "If I possessed any charms worth mentioning, I would have used them on my own betrothed." Her droll words cut into his anger, drove it back and in the dark confines of the carriage, he peered at her. That had certainly not been the outraged reaction he'd sought to elicit from the lady.

Christi Caldwell has crafted an emotional story of love and loss in this beautifully written novella. The main characters are multi-faceted and the storyline is well paced. I understood Imogen's feelings of betrayal and humiliation and felt deeply for Lord Alex. I wanted Alex to move forward and take a chance on love. And I loved Chloe as she had her best friend's interests at heart when she gave Imogen the gold pendant.

Will Imogen's mother insist she marry for a title and money instead of for love? Will Alex trust in his feelings for Imogen before it's too late? Spend an afternoon reading this charming novella and all will be revealed.

Reviewed by Susan Gorman *

Reviewer's Note: I was so charmed by Chloe Edgerton that I asked author Christi Caldwell if she was planning a story for Chloe. I have been assured by the author that Chloe will find her true love in a forthcoming novel.

"Doubt thou the stars are fire, 

Doubt the sun doth move,

Doubt the truth to be a liar,

But never doubt I love."

William Shakespeare , Hamlet

*Review copy provided by author.

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