Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lisa's review of The Dukes Disaster by Grace Burrowes

The story of Noah & Thea is different from other historical romance.
The way they come together is not typical. I am not sure I have
ever read a historical that starts out like this one. And certainly not
one that goes along like The Dukes Disaster.

Both Noah and Thea come into their relationship with secrets.
The biggest difference is how they treat each other.
Thea is a lady's companion. Noah is a Duke.
Noah is not nice by his own admission. And Thea has a younger
sister that she wishes to protect. 

It's a wonderful love story how they make a couple and find happiness.
Grace Burrowes never fails to surprise and please with her writing.
She does indeed believe in love.

I received my copy of The Dukes Disaster from NetGalley.
I have already pre ordered my own copy.
This is book one of the True Gentlemen Series.
Review by Lisa Hutson


  1. Lisa
    Loved your review and so happy with double reviewed this one together!
    I wonder if Grace will write some more books with Noah and Thea? And their family?

  2. A different twist to the beginning, that sounds like fun.


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