Friday, April 3, 2015

Review of Eloisa James

Lady Celeste is thrilled to welcome guest reviewer , Susan Knight.  Susan Knight lives in Houston, Texas with her husband of 41 years, Jack. She started reading romance in 2000 when her three sons left the nest. She reads romance because it makes her happy. Lady Celeste met Susan on Facebook, and they found they shared a love of reading. 

Review of FOUR NIGHTS WITH THE DUKE by Eloisa James 

In FOUR NIGHTS WITH THE DUKE by Eloisa James we have Mia Carrington, a jilted romance writer with major body issues. Our hero is Evander Brody, Duke of Pindar, a conceited, unpolished, rough Duke with a chip on his shoulder. Mia has had a crush on Vander since she was fifteen but, that is not why she proposes marriage to him in chapter two. Mia has to use blackmail to make him concede. He barely remembers her. It's complicated. 

Mia's father and Vander's mother have blatantly carried on a twenty year affair while Vander's father was in and out of the madhouse. They are dead now, but it's complicated. Vander reluctantly accepts Mia's proposal. When he realizes the real reason for her need to marry, his ego is deflated. Being married to Vander is a real shock! All of Mia's "book heroes" are based on Vander, but the real Vander is nothing like them. It's complicated. 

Favorite quote: "His body was the opposite of hers. There wasn't a bit of fat on him; his body was like stored motion, shaped to conquer men and pleasure women."

It's a rough road to love, but it is worth the ride. I also loved the cast of characters including Charlie, Chuffy, Jafeer, and Susan the maid. 

I have read every book by Eloisa James. They are always a cut above the rest. This series just gets better and better.

I highly recommend this book! 
Guest review* by Susan Knight
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*ARC of Four Nights with the Duke was won in a contest.


  1. Susan-- Thank you for guest blogging with us today! Enjoyed your review and I have bought a copy of the book!

  2. Great review, Susan! I am reading 4 Nights right now and really enjoying it.

  3. Thank you, for your lovely review, Susan Knight.

  4. Looking forward to this read. Great review!


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