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Must Love Scotland -Highland Holidays BOOK 3 by Grace Burrowes

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What are the first three words that you think of when someone mentions the word Scotland?

For me, the words heather, whiskey and kilts come to mind; not necessarily in that order.

I am loving each one of the stories within the Highland Holiday series! Each novella is well- paced, entertaining and provides a slice -of -life look into the lives of the tight knit Cromarty clan, their friends and the guests visiting Dunroamin Cottage. The author's descriptive voice adds credibility to the storyline as the reader can imagine tasting the toffee pudding, smelling the flowers and listening to the music playing at the local pub. Must Love Scotland contains two charming novellas Love On The Links and My Heartthrob's In The Highlands. The novellas feature sisters Julie and Megan Leonard who travel to Scotland for different reasons. Recently divorced, Julie Leonard has travelled to Scotland to improve her golf game in an effort to be considered for a judgeship appointment. Megan is in the middle of securing a loan to expand her business when her sister calls and invites her to Scotland.

Grace Burrowes is a gifted storyteller who creates unique characters who are faced with every day career and family choices. She tells her character's stories with humor and compassion. In Love On The Links, Julie Leonard's self esteem has been shattered by her ex-husband 's infidelity. She is focused on pursuing a judgeship because it's the next logical step in her career path. Niall Cromarty is Julie's golf instructor. A former golf professional, he has plans to expand his golf course which his neighbor and former best friend , Declan MacPherson, strongly opposes. Declan is my favorite character in this series. His relationship with Niall is important because it provides a the backstory to the reader and connects each of the characters to the present day story. The kilt wearing, whiskey drinking farmer and his lamb steal many of the scenes in Love on the Links . I was pleased to see Declan as Megan's love interest in the second novella!!

Julie's sister Megan Leonard is the heroine in My Heartthrob's In The Highlands. Megan is focused on her career and has put her professional dreams ahead of her personal ones. This excerpt from Megan and Declan's story intrigued me and I preordered this book after reading it. The characters grabbed my attention. I had to know how the author brought the whiskey drinking farmer and the pragmatic business woman together. This couple had lots of chemistry and I enjoyed reading every single page of this novella!!

Loved the humor and compassion in both of the novellas. Julie's character resonated with me. She was faced with career and personal choices. Would she take a leap of faith and make a career change? I wondered what she would discover as she read through Declan's great, great granny's will. Would she be able to find some wording that would put an end to Niall and Declan's dispute? Megan has a few decisions to make as well. Will she stay in Scotland and enjoy her holiday or travel back to the States to start a second florist shop? And what happens to Wee Mary?

If you love Grace Burrowes historical novels, you will adore these two modern day stories set in the Scottish Highlands. Make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy!

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Reviewed by Susan Gorman
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  1. You had me at Scotland. I am absolutely ordering the books in this series. Great review!!

  2. So glad you liked the review Karen!
    Let me know if you love Declan ans much as I did!
    I think he's one of GB's best characters!


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