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A Good Rogue Is Hard To Find by Kelly Bowen (Lords of Worth #2) - Review

William Somerhall, the Duke of Worth, needs to have an important conversation with his mother Eleanor, the Duchess of Worth. She is known to be rather eccentric but, he feels that she has gone too far.  Will arrives at the Dowager Duchess's home and finds it in complete disarray. Will sees his mother's  guests are departing a dinner party in a hurry, he stumbles on broken pieces of glass and porcelain in the entry way and there are chicken feathers everywhere! What is going on?

Kelly Bowen presents a new twist in the Robin Hood trope in A Good Rogue Is Hard a To Find. I adored this book because it's a different take on the popular Duke -themed historicals. The author effortlessly mixes great characters and settings, fabulous banter  and serious social undertones in her storyline. 

"Let me make myself clear.", Jenna stopped, forcing the Duke to stop with her.

"First of all,  you kissed me. Second, I kissed you back despite the fact that you are a Duke. 

This crusade as you like to call it, is the direct result of dukes. thoughtless ones. And uncaring earls. Selfish marquesses and inconsiderate viscounts." Her eyes grew serious. "So no, Will, I don't want you to further anything. I don't want you to interfere. I want you to stay out of my way."

Eleanor, the Dowager Duchess of Worth is an pivotal character in Ms. Bowen's first novel I've Got  My Duke  to Keep Me Warm. Eleanor and her companion Jenna Hughes make quite a team and I was thrilled to have them featured in book two of the series! Neither character is what they appear to be at first glance. The author adds details and provides insight into these multi-faced characters as the story progresses. I loved the laugh-out loud dialogue between the Duchess, Jenna and Will  when Will begins to ask questions about his mother's activities. The dialogue is cleverly written and adds so much to the storyline and confuses Will just enough!

After Will accompanies Jenna to the Seven Dials section of London on a mission of mercy, he begins to understand why his mother and Jenna are involved in their crusade to help the poor. The novel touches on the social hierarchy of the times by illustrating how the rich focused on their social status , their beautiful custom made clothing and their appearance versus paying their bills. The trip to London is a turning point for Will. He is falling in love with Jenna. Will needs to decide if he can trust his mother and Jenna. Can Will see the  social injustices the average person faces and will he choose to make  a difference in society? I adored this character and loved his exasperated interactions with his mother, her loyal staff and Jenna. 

The conclusion of A Good Rogue Is Hard To Find is the perfect blend of suspense and intrigue which kept me guessing until the last page. The plot is very original and well researched and reminded me of the Paul Newman and Robert Redford movie The Sting. Each of the main and secondary characters contributed to the story as Eleanor and Jenna's scheme begins to unfold. I was so invested in the storyline that I stayed up late to finish the book. Loved, loved the ending!

Looking forward to the third book in Kelly Bowan's series You're The Earl That I Want which will be available in August, 2015.

Reviewed By Susan Gorman
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  1. Wonderful review and the book has a beautiful cover. I especially like the comparison to a much loved movie, The Sting. Adding this one to my to read list. Thank You!!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it!


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