Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Rogue You Know - Review

The Rogue You Know 

by Shana Galen
Book 2 of the 
Covent Garden Cubs series

Susanna & Gideon's story is wonderful. There is plenty of suspense and action. And the two of them do make a wonderful couple. 

If there can only be one thing I like about Shana Galen's writing, it is the variety. Some of her stories are dark, deep with intense emotion. But others are easier and more fun. 

He hadn't met a woman yet whose clothes didn't practically fall off when he gave her The Look. Gideon glanced down then back up, giving her the most potent form of The Look he could muster.
She glared at him. "Do not touch me," she said
Gideon choked on his surprise. Why wasn't she melting? He must have done it wrong. He tried it again.

"What is wrong with your face?" she asked. "Your mouth looks odd."

Susanna is not a wimpy girl. She is smart. She even finds out
that she can be rather fearless. 
Gideon has lived a hard life. He has never met anyone like Susanna. 
He is ready to begin a new life for himself. 
And by a crazy coincidence, Susanna is also ready to begin a new life for herself. 
The story keeps you involved and smiling. I could not wait to see what happens next. 
One surprise after another. 
And fireworks. Don't forget the fireworks.
I really enjoyed this story. The way they talk to each other. They are both determined in their plans. Each of them feeling as if their life will be over if they don't complete their goal. And then, they each realize they have fallen for the other.
The Rogue You Know is a lovely, romantic, funny, rocking story. 
I highly recommend it to all the romantics looking for a good read.
It's another 5 star story from Shana Galen.

I got this copy from Netgalley and I have preordered a copy for myself. 

Review by Lisa Hutson

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