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His Texas Christmas Bride ~~ Nancy Robards Thompson

I love reading  Nancy Robards Thompson's holiday stories. His Texas Christmas Bride is a fast paced story which takes place in the small town of Celebration, Texas. The novel has multi - faceted characters, a unique storyline and a meaningful holiday message. 

Becca Flannigan is waiting in the Emergency Room at Celebration Memorial Hospital to see a doctor. She is three months pregnant and is suffering from food poisoning. Becca is surprised that the attending physician is Dr. Nick Ciotti whom she hasn't seen in about three months.  She remembers many details about the handsome doctor including his two unusual tattoos. Nick reads Becca's chart and quickly figures out that Becca's baby might be their baby.

"It's going  to be okay," he said. "Let's just take this one step at a time. I promise I will do everything in my power to make sure you don't have to worry about anything."
His words were soothing, and she stayed in his arms until she had regained her composure. She  pulled back a little to wipe her eyes, but first she looked up at him. His gaze snared hers, and then he was looking at her mouth , and she was leaning into him.
When he took her chin in his hand and drew her closer, she felt his warm, mint-scented breath so near that every feeling---every dream and desire she'd had since the first moment she'd set eyes on him that night at the hospital ---played out before her eyes. Since then, since learning she was pregnant , since finding him again, one of the things she tried not to think about was the way his arms would feel around her, protective and strong. This way his lips would taste.... That taste was so uniquely Nick.
Then his kissed her.

Love the chemistry between the hero and heroine in novel. Becca is warm, friendly, open and honest. She owns her own home and has a corgi. (Yes, a corgi!) Becca tells Nick that she won't force him to be a part of his childs life. This simple statement sets the tone for the novel. Nick is a workaholic and his commitment to his  job cost him his first marriage. Nick finds it difficult to talk about his feelings and is not close to his family. I liked that the couple were different and didn't agree on everything. Nick supported Becca when she told her family about the pregnancy. He was there for her. Becca encourages Nick to reconnect with his father. She believes talking with his father with help Nick let go of his past. 

The secondary characters complement the main characters and add to the story's authenticity. Loved Becca and Nick's date at Kate's house for the Sunday football game and the Flannigan family Thanksgiving dinner.The author did a fabulous job with the girlfriend chat while the men were watching the game. The overwhelming family dinner conversation was spot on down to the last detail with Becca's mother assuring everyone that Nick and Becca would be married very, very soon.

The author incorporates several fall and winter local traditions in the novel. Nick asks Becca to show him something which is typical of Celebration, Texas. Becca's choice of the Friday night football game surprises Nick. It's the perfect choice as it it allows him to experience first hand a small town at its best. He's able to watch the football game, eat hamburgers and french fries and meet Becca's family and friends on his own terms.  The author uses symbolism in the scenes where the couple attends the town's annual tree lighting ceremony and a wedding as a couple. 

 Nancy Robards Thompson weaves a heartwarming story which deals with forgiveness and acceptance on several levels. There  were several unexpected twists in the storyline and the novel held my interest. Loved the ending-- it was perfectly written for this couple.  Grab a cup of tea and spend an afternoon with His Texas Christmas Bride! It's the perfect novel to read during the holiday season.

Reviewed By: Susan Gorman
Book provided by Nancy Robards Thompson
Photo: Susan Gorman

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