Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tough Love by Lori Foster ARC copy

Tough Love is part of the Ultimate series by Lori Foster.

This edition has the tale of MMA fighter Stack Hannigan
and model Vanity Baker.
I always think that women are smarter about love than men.
And here is a story that proves it. Well, kind of.
Vanity knows she wants Stack. He is the guy for her.
And that is that.

She has a plan. But as everyone knows, the road leading
to true love is never smooth. So, of course, the plan runs
 into one problem after another.
Luckily, the problems seem to keep putting Stack and
Vanity closer and closer together.
Stack, as with most men, is slower to catch onto the
karma that is bringing them together. He is paying
closer attention to anyone that even looks at Vanity.
And his mom. Plus his sister. Then there is f***ing Phil.
 Geesh, with all these things to pay attention to,
its no wonder he is slow to feel cupids arrow.

Vanity is enjoying Stacks family. She misses being
part of one. The more Vanity fits in, the closer Stack
is to falling head over heels. How long can he
tell himself that this is all just for fun with Vanity?

I usually enjoy Lori Foster's writing. They have a lot
of feeling. There is action. The people in them often
have interesting backgrounds. I like watching for
the skeletons. Everybody has one.
This series has a lot of talk about MMA fighters and
their lives. Its obvious that Lori has a great respect for
the MMA. For myself, I enjoy the love story more.

I won this ARC copy from Lori Foster.
Review by Lisa Hutson

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