Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas at Copper Mountain by Jane Porter

Audio version
 Harley Diekerhoff is recovering from the loss
of her family. The best way she knows how.
In peace and quiet, alone as much as possible.
Brock Sheenan is her boss and the perfect boss
for her. He likes to keep to himself. Brock is most
happy when employees just do their work and then
go on with their lives. Away from him.
Brock never mentioned children. Never asked if she
had children. Never said whether or not he had
children. He never said anything about children.
Then there is a knock at the door.
Surprise! He has children. Yes. Indeed he does.
Twins the same age the Harley's oldest child was.

 How does a person recover from such loss? How do
you make holidays work for your children?
We all have limits to how much we can take. How much
pressure. How much sadness. What do we do when we
reach our limit? When enough is enough.

This is a wonderful, joyful love story. It will touch
your heart. Quite likely, it will encourage you to
count your blessings.
Loretta Rawlins did a very nice job with the narration.
Steady rhythm. Easy to listen to.

I bought my copy from
Review by Lisa Hutson 

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