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Because of Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

Because of Miss Bridgerton
by Julia Quinn

It's been a while since I read a Bridgerton
story. I have loved them all though.
But good golly, this one is fabulous!!
We all come to a time in our life when we realize
that the world does not circle around us. That we are
not in charge of everything and everyone. Usually we 
start getting that in our teens. 
But some of us take a little longer.

Sybilla Bridgerton has always felt that she is different
from other females. As though she doesn't fit in anywhere.
Thing is, she doesn't realize that everyone feels that way.
But Billie handled it a little different than most. She
jumped fences and wore britches. She climbed trees and
rescues cats. Billie is certain that she will never marry. She
will never find a man that she could tolerate. And deep
down, she is very insecure.
The Rokesby family has lived next door to the Bridgertons
forever. The children have grown up in each others pockets.
George being the oldest child and heir, missed out on much
of the fun growing up. He watched his brothers dash off on
adventures. Defending king and country. While his responsibility
was to guard the homeland as much as possible. While George
has always been envious of his brothers, he is now realizing that
his job is important too. Now, he must marry and produce the
next generation.

 While it was always taken for granted that Billie would marry one
of the Rokesby sons, no one, absolutely no one (well, maybe one
someone, mothers know these things, don't they?), thought it
would be George. Billie and George have always been like
oil and water. It would be Edward or Andrew that she would
marry. She always felt that one is as good as the other.
The story takes up when Billie and George are both at a turning
point in their lives. There is a family crisis. Since the Bridgertons
and the Rokesbys have always considered each other family, 
everyone circles around to help. Billie begins to feel like her
life is lacking. Perhaps helping on the estate and leading her
life with little concern for anyone else isn't perfect anymore. George
is noticing that maybe his father needs more and more help with
business. It's time for George to find a wife.

Billie is not sure at all that any man will want her. How will the

estate continue if she does find a man and marry? George wishes
to have a less stiff and formal life. But where will he find a wife
that will be happy with that sort of life?
They are both confused and wondering where oh where

did these feelings for each other come from? There is
something very wrong when they are being drawn to each other.

I absolutely loved this story. I did not want to sit it down.
Billie and George are fabulously done. I loved the rest of the

families as well. The guests fit perfectly with these neighbors
that are so familiar with each other. I especially loved 
Chapter 24. It does not go as most stories like this do. It did
surprise me in a pleasant way.
Very well done, Julia Quinn. Now I am ready to get on
with the next Bridgerton story.
Review by Lisa Hutson
I bought my kindle copy from Amazon.

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