Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wind Chime Wedding by Sophie Moss

Wind Chime Wedding

This is book 2 of the Wind Chime Novel series.

We are back to the island. This one is the story
of Becca. She is a teacher at Heron Island Elementary.
Becca is proud of her home and the school she works
at. One day, she is told that the school is going to
be closed down and the children will have to go to 
bigger schools outside of their area. Many of the 
teachers will lose their jobs. Becca has been engaged
to Tom for a long time. They have a deep 
emotional connection from when they were very 
young. They have been together really ever since.
The wedding is coming in 
only 3 weeks. And then, 
she will follow him and move to Washington, DC. 
She will give up her job and her home to be with him. 

Colin is working hard to build a center to help 
veterans coming home from war. He came home
with one prosthetic leg. So Colin feels like he can
relate and help them. Colins father is a big time 
politician. He demands that his son is visible in the
political world. His father loves Colin and he uses
his sons service record to get people to pay attention.
His father has helped a lot getting the funding needed
for the center. Which is why Colin goes along with
his fathers demands.

There is a lot to this story. The people of the island are very 
involved. They are interesting to say the least. Becca 
knows where her heart is happiest. But she has been waiting 
to marry Tom for most of her adult life. 
Which does she give up?

"All love is risk, Becca," her father said gently.
"I would rather have a love as strong
as I had with your mother for a single day
than a lukewarm love that lasted a lifetime."

 Wind Chime Wedding is full of love. From every 
corner of the island. It's a place of soothing comfort.
Trusting your neighbor. The old saying about it taking
a village to raise a child. The people here live that.
I do recommend these stories if you enjoy happy,
dependable reading filled with much emotion and hope
for the future. Sometimes, the hope for the future
is brought by a wind chime. 

I was given this copy of Wind Chime Wedding in
exchange for an honest review.
Review by Lisa Hutson

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