Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Waiting On You by Kristan Higgins - Audio version

Waiting On You

The Blue Heron series. Book 3
Lucas Campbell & Colleen O'Rourke were the couple that
everyone knew would be forever. But it took just one bad night.
One bad conversation with regrettable words. And they were
over. Then 10 years later, Lucas got the call. His dying uncle
needs him. So, Lucas finds himself back in Manningsport. 
Now, they have a second chance. The heat between them is
still there. As strong as ever.

But they both have a lot of forgiving and forgetting to do.

How bad do they want it? Both of them will have to
compromise and give a little. Can it work?

Amy Rubinate is a pretty well known narrator.
For good reason. She is terrific. Listening to
the story is just that much better because of her.

I bought my audio copy from
Review by Lisa Hutson

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