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Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis - Audio version

Animal Magnetism
Audio Version
by Jill Shalvis

Book One of the Animal Magnetism series.
Released June, 2013.

This is the book where we were introduced to
Sunshine, Idaho. It's a wonderful series. But as
with most Jill Shalvis series books, they can be
read as stand alone stories.

Lilah Young is a tough, determined, stubborn,
animal lover. People lover too. But the well being
of the animals in Sunshine is her passion. Often
times, very passionate people drive themselves too
hard. Spread their time and feelings too thin.

Brady Miller has connections to Sunshine, Idaho.
But he has been hiding out from them for a while.
When he finds himself spending a limited amount of
time in Sunshine, reconnecting with his oldest friends,
he gets up close with Lilah. When she rams into him
on the road. With her car. That happens to filled with
a variety of animals.

This is a story of self discovery. The two of them fight it,
they fight their connection. So how do two very stubborn,
determined people stop holding back? The only way they
have to protect themselves is to keep their hearts well guarded.
Are they brave enough to let the guard down, for just
a minute?

Karen White is the narrator. She does a lot of Jill Shalvis'
books. And she does a terrific job. She is fun and easy
to listen to. I always enjoy her work.
Review by Lisa Hutson
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