Saturday, September 10, 2016

Review of AT FAIRFIELD ORCHARD by Emma Cane

At Fairfield Orchard by Emma Cane 

Isn’t the cover of this book gorgeous? It enticed me to request a copy of Emma Cane's new book. I have never read any of the author’s novels…but I am SO happy that I read this one!

At Fairfield Orchard is an enjoyable twist on the opposites attract story set in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Amy Fairfield has returned home to manage the family’s orchard for the next six months with Tyler, her twin brother. She’s quit a promising real estate career and put a bad relationship behind her to focus on her family and their business. Jonathan Gebhart is a professor who is researching Thomas Jefferson for an upcoming book. 

Even though Amy and Jonathan are total opposites; the passion between them sizzles off the pages when they meet. The attraction between this couple drew me into the story d kept me reading! Loved Jonathan and the author does a wonderful job with this hunky, caring, and nerdy hero. Amy and Jonathan become friends and their relationship develops during the course of this superbly paced novel. Both characters are attracted to each other but have work and personal issues to resolve. The conversations between Amy and Jonathan when they opened up to each other are well written and poignant. Both characters talk about their childhood, families and past relationships. Through Amy, the author provides an honest portrayal of alcoholism and its long term effects on family members.

I enjoyed reading this novel because the author blended Amy and Jonathan’s romance with the historical aspects of the novel. Amy’s grandfather and Jonathan spend time together talking about the farm’s history and Amy’s Grandmother joins the archaeology team as they search on the property. Ms. Caine does a fabulous job comparing Jonathan’s devotion to historical research with Amy’s goal of bringing the orchard into the 21st century while pleasing all of her family members. 
The conclusion of the novel was well written and perfect for this couple. I am happy that the historical research will continue into the second novel and the reader will be able to see if the changes that Amy and her brother made to the family’s business will enable the orchard to prosper. Loved the small town feel of this book, the sense of community, the neighbors, friends and family—and the heartfelt romance between Amy and Jonathan! Looking forward to the next book in this series! 

Reviewed by Susan Gorman 
A copy of the Book was provided by the publisher.

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