Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Just One of the Guys by Kristan Higgins

Just One of the Guys
by Kristan Higgins
Audio Version

I have read this one and now listened to it.
All I can say is it is wonderful either way.
Chastity O'Neill is 5 foot 11 3/4 of solid
strong sweet determined capable woman.
She is the fifth child after four brothers.
And she has always been one of the guys.
Men really cant handle such a woman. There
is one man that she wishes could. Trevor has
always been one of the family. Thought of as
another one of the sons. Long ago, Trevor and
Chastity had a moment. A moment of magic.
While Trevor loves her, he keeps it secret. From
everyone. He is afraid he could lose his whole
support system. His whole "family". Trevor was
never certain how Chastity felt. That's why he
has always left it hidden way in the past.

Chastity has always done the same. Afraid she 
could lose Trevor all together.
Maybe even break up the whole
Its too scary to take the chance.
"My heart is blank, too. It can only take so much,
I surmise. Maybe its used to being in this state of
brokenness, of incompleteness. Who knows?
Hey, you did all you could, my heart whispers.
Thanks for trying."
Oh how wonderful it would be. They both think
it. But can either of them take the leap?
Take a big chance and just go for it?
Anybody? Anybody??

Kristan Higgins is married to a hero firefighter
in real life. I think this gives her a bit of an
advantage writing romance about them.
That is one way to explain how wonderful
her stories are. She never fails to make
me smile, cry a little and sigh....
Xe Sands in the narrator for the story.
She does a wonderful job. I really
enjoyed listening to her.
I bought my audio copy from
Review by Lisa Hutson

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