Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trolls - Movie Review

Movie Review

I take my granddaughter to the movies like this
these days. For this movie, I wound up with two of
her girlfriends and one other mom. I always enjoy
the kids. But not always the movies.

The Trolls people were very smart. While it's a sappy
sweet silly story, they were brilliant enough to use
music (lots of music) that will appeal to the adults.
Kids are easy when it comes to music. So they love
it too. And the Justin Timberlake song is a raging
hit with every age group! As soon as it started
playing, all the kids in the joint started bopping
in their seats!! I gotta say, it made me a fan
listening to kids singing a song with no curse
words in it!! No adult type content. 
Looking for some fun family time?
You wont do any better than going
to see Trolls. You will thank me!
Review by Lisa Hutson  

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