Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Letters at Christmas by Amber Lin

Letters at Christmas
by Amber Lin

I found this story on my kindle. I don't even
remember buying it. But Amazon says I did.
I have read Amber Lin before but never any
historical romance from her. Since I have
been in the Christmas reading mood, this one
came up in the rotation. It's a short story.
But I have to say, Letters at Christmas
 did not read like one.
Hale was born on the wrong side of the blanket
as the saying goes. But as so often happens,
Hale and Sidony fell in love. Sidony being the
heroine of the story. She is tough, smart and
brave. Born in the big house.
'She smiled gently. "You didn't want to be
your father. Well, you're not. You're a strong,
kind-hearted man. That's who I fell in love
with, Hale."
His insides felt jagged, his throat raw. Was
she right? Had he proved to himself that
he wasn't his father?' 
Hale was determined that he would make himself
into a man deserving of Sidony. And in the
meantime, he would give her every chance to move
on if she wanted to.
When he finally makes his way back to her,
she isn't sure she can forgive his absence. Can he
convince Sidony that he has loved her all along?
Will she be able to trust that he won't leave again?
Love is a matter of trust and compromise. But who
will give in first?
I bought my copy from Amazon
Review by Lisa Hutson

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