Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Any Day Now by Robyn Carr

Any Day Now
by Robyn Carr
Any Day Now is book #2 in the
Sullivans Crossing series.
The greatest thing about Robyn Carr series are that
they are loaded. They are loaded with characters. Locations.
Feelings. Surprises. Sullivans Crossing is no different.
You do not have to read What We Find in order to follow
along in this story. But it does pick up from the end of
that story. Sierra Jones is trying to get her life together.
Without doing any harm to anyone else. She makes her
way to the area her brother, California, is building
his own life up with his new wife, Maggie.
 Sierra has left a lot of drama and mystery behind her.
Once she gets to catch her breath, California and
everyone else in Sullivans Crossing do all they can to
help her button up the circus tent of her past.
She meets a yummy, ladies man of a firefighter, Conrad.
Sierra is sure that Conrad will be scared off sooner or
later. So why not enjoy the time with him until then?
Conrad has no intention of running. But can Sierra let
him in to her life? Can she try for love one more time?
Is Connie as strong as he thinks? Can he really get
over all that is in Sierras past??
I hope you will enjoy reading it to get answers
to all the questions.
I won this book in a book blog
contest. Not from the author.
Review by Lisa Hutson

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