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A Bride, A Barn, and A Baby by Nancy Robards Thompson

And the prince wore spurs

A bourbon-tinged evening turns into a night of spur-jangling passion. And wrapped in the arms of hunky cowboy Zane Phillips, Lucy Campbell feels like her dreams have come true all at once! But she knows Zane needs a chance to let their move from friends to lovers sink in. That is, until reality knocks...and Lucy discovers she's pregnant.

This wasn't how Zane imagined daddyhood would happen. And with pretty Lucy...his best friend's little sister! He wants to do right by her and the baby, but Lucy wants the fairy tale, not a marriage of obligation. And while this simple cowboy isn't sure he can measure up as her Prince Charming, the real magic is that he's had her heart all along...


A Bride, A Barn and A Baby by Nancy Robards Thompson is a heartfelt addition to the Celebration, Texas series. The novel features Lucy Campbell and Zane Phillips and explores the true meaning of the word love. The couple were featured in Ms. Thompson’s The Cowboy’s Runaway Bride and I have been patiently waiting for their story!

Wedding planner Lucy Campbell has had a crush on cowboy Zane Campbell for years. Zane is aware of Lucy’s feelings but doesn’t return them- he sees Lucy as a friend. Grieving for his mother, Zane is going through her belongings when Lucy shows up unannounced with dinner and movies. The couple has one too many bourbon- on- the- rocks leading to an unexpected passion- filled evening. The next day Zane gives Lucy the ‘Let’s stay friends” reason why they can’t pursue a relationship.

Six weeks later, Lucy finds out the she is pregnant. Nancy Thompson’s compassionate voice shines during this highly emotional chapter. Lucy wants the fairy tale romance and happily ever after with Zane but, knows in her heart that it not going to happen. Lucy tells Zane that they are going to be parents shortly before he leaves on an important job interview in Florida. Zane returns and announces to Lucy that he’s decided that they are getting married. Lucy understands that it’s a proposal based on obligation, not love, and turns him down.

The conversations between Lucy and Zane are emotional and honest. The author weaves in Zane’s relationship with both of his parents enabling the reader to understand Zane’s perspective and the depth of his grief. Ms. Thompson delicately balances Lucy’s love for Zane and her desire not to trap him into marriage throughout the story.

I loved that Zane listened to Lucy and begins to care for her. One of my favorite scenes in the book is when Zane buys paint for the baby’s nursery.
After the kiss, Zane had presented her with two gallons of paint—not just any paint, but the perfect shade of yellow for their baby’s nursery. In some ways, this gesture made her even more inclined to entertain the thought of marrying him. It made her really ponder—what exactly was the meaning of love? How was the best way to declare love? Anyone could say those three little words. He could’ve very well told her exactly what she wanted to hear and she would’ve fallen for it. Because she had already fallen for him.

Zane and Lucy explore the meaning of love in this emotional opposites attract romance. Zane is in the process of accepting the loss of his mother, dealing with the sudden appearance of his father and becoming a parent. Zane communicates his love through actions, not words while Lucy expresses her feelings out loud and is all about the romance. The novel’s conclusion has several surprises for the couple and made me cry!


A Bride, A Barn, and A Baby is a fabulous small town romance infused with family, friends and love. If you enjoy novels by Emily March, Debbie Mason and Donna Alward—you will love is new novel by Nancy Robards Thompson

Reviewed by Susan Gorman
ARC provided by Author

5 Stars!

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