Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Secret Life of Anna Blanc by Jennifer Kincheloe - Audio Version

The Secret Life of Anna Blanc
by Jennifer Kincheloe
Audio Version
Anna Blanc is a spoiled, determined, oblivious,
observant socialite. She is the star of this story,
set in 1907 Los Angeles.
Anna Blanc wants to be a detective on the LAPD.
She is willing to do anything to get this job.
Turns out, she is a great detective.
Jennifer Kincheloe did a great job writing
this leading character. As well as the
whole cast. There is romance. I had a few moments
that I gasped in surprise and a couple of shocks.
I wont say any more about the story itself.
But I will say with great conviction,
this was the best audio book I have listened
to in a very long time. I listen to a lot of them.
I like most all of them. Some I like very very much.
And then, there is rarely, the story that is so
different. The characters, the situations, the
writing, describing the places....I can see
exactly the town Anna Blanc runs roughshod
over to solve the crime. I can see the people,
houses, wardrobes. Marvelous. It's a great story,
that is just written wonderfully well. But on top
of that, it is hilarious! Anna is so out there.
And you would want to be friends with her.
 Then, we get to the narration. Her name is
Moira Quirk. She did a fantastic job of the
whole story. She was Anna Blanc. Without
question. It was her. I can easily say that without
the dazzling and colorful voice of Moira Quirk,
Anna Blanc would not be the same brilliant story.
I would highly recommend this story if you enjoy
some laughs with your listen. If you like something
a little different here and there. If you love when
the narration is perfect for the story. And if you love
getting your moneys worth. Its almost 13 hours long.
But there is not one minute of slow time.
I bought my audio copy from
Review by Lisa Hutson

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