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How To Find A Duke in Ten Days- Grace Burrowes, Shana Galen and Carolyn Jewel

For centuries, the volumes of a priceless Renaissance manuscript, The Duke’s Book of Knowledge, have been the subject of legend and rumor. Three members of London's Bibliomania Club have promised a beloved professor they’ll find the manuscripts before the professor retires. They are determined to vindicate his faith in the Duke’s existence while rescuing a great literary work from obscurity.

The problem?

It must be found in ten days.

Matters of the heart intrude as each book hunter realizes that locating an ancient manuscript might just lead to happiness ever after.

The members of the Bibliomania Club have ten days to find four rare books which combined are known as the Liber Ducis de Scientia—the Duke’s book of Knowledge. Each one of the club members owes a debt of gratitude to Professor Peebles. The professor tutored Dominick Spencer, Avery Seton and Harry Fordyce and encouraged them during their studies at Oxford. Peebles considers himself an expert on the Duke’s Book of Knowledge – even though no one has seen it in years—and Spencer, Seton and Fordyce are determined to find and present the volumes to Professor Peebles at his retirement party.

They have ten days to locate the Dukes Book of Knowledge . . .

Grace Burrowes---The Will to Love

Seton Avery, the Earl of Ramsdale appeared in Grace Burrowes novella The Duke for the Win. Ramsdale was one of my favorite characters in novella and I was thrilled that he was featured in this story!

Ramsdale believes that his uncle’s will and its nine codicils contain clues to the location of the Dukes. He hires Philomena Peebles, the professor’s daughter, to translate the material. The couple is very passionate about their work and I loved that their romance deepened with every clue they uncovered. Both characters grew during the story; Ramsdale learns a valuable lesson while playing chess and Philomena gains confidence and reaches for her heart’s desire. The author’s trademark smart dialogue, understated social commentary, charming romance combined with the character’s desire to solve their piece of the puzzle make this story a perfect afternoon or evening read.

Shana Galen---How to Steal A Duke (in Ten Days, Give or Take A few Days, But Definitely in Less Than Fortnight )

Dominick Spencer has a feeling that the Dukes are hidden in a remote cliffside castle in Cornwell. While traveling home from a meeting, Dominick is thinking about how best to enter the castle’s library when something falls on the roof of his carriage….is it a cat? No, it’s cat burglar Rosalyn Dasher. And Rosalyn is just the person Dominick needs to scale the walls of the castle!

Enjoyed reading this opposites attract story! The author’s descriptive voice shines when she describes Rosalyn climbing the castle walls. I imagined her testing each brick’s strength to use a footing and caught my breath each time she faltered during her ascent. Loved the fast-paced plot and what the couple discovers when they enter the castle’s library.

Carolyn Jewel---The Viscount’s First Kiss

Carolyn Jewel’s The Viscount’s First Kiss has all the feels! The characters are relatable in this poignant friends to lovers romance. Magdalene Carter and Harry Fordyce, now Viscount Daunt have been friends for years. Daunt, Magdalene, and Angus Carter, Magdalene’s late husband, were close friends and shared a common interest in books. For many years it was rumored that Angus Carter had stolen one of the Dukes. Proving Angus’s innocence is very important to both Daunt and Magdalene. Daunt has purchased an old lot of books from an antiques dealer and the determined couple sets out to sort though dozens of boxes of books.

The author did a fantastic job balancing the element of suspense with the impending deadline. Loved the scene where Daunt and Magdalene play the piano together and how both of them realized that their friendship was changing – both characters began to appreciate each other’s strengths. The author’s elegant prose shines during the couple’s first kiss and during all of the romantic scenes in the story.

I am glad the authors added the epilogue to this anthology. Each of the stories centered on the search for the Dukes and featured three unique characters. The continuity between the stories worked for me because the couples were searching for more than books. Professor Peebles and his three former students gathered together before his retirement party and I loved the big reveal.


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