Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New York, Actually by Sarah Morgan

New York, Actually
by Sarah Morgan
From Manhattan With Love Series
Book #4
And there is Molly (Aggie). She has made a career of
teaching how to make relationships work. Very
successfully, I might add. Problem is, she has no clue
how to be in a relationship herself. Well, a relationship
with a man, not her best boy, Valentine. Her Dalmatian.
Next up, Daniel. A successful divorce attorney. He is great
at relationships. Well, not a relationship with a woman.
He is a great brother, friend, lawyer but not so much
as a boyfriend. Daniel spots Molly while jogging in the park.
She has Valentine with her. So Daniel decides to borrow
a dog, Brutus. Thinking this will give him an easy way to
meet up with the woman of his dreams. 
For a short while, anyway.

New York, Actually is a fun and very busy romantic read.
Not just one but two main character dogs. How great is that?
It's two people that have no interest in a relationship
lasting any length of time. They both agree.
Not to fall in love.
'He was right of course.
She was scared.
If you fell, next time you were more careful
where you stepped. And she'd fallen hard.'
Both Molly and Daniel are sure they not only won't
fall in love. They are sure they can't fall in love. So this
is a relationship that's safe.
Only, of course, it isn't.
Who will fall first? Who will fall hardest?
Who will learn the most about themselves?
Sarah Morgan has written a lovely romance story.
With all the good stuff that we look for when
picking a book. I hope you will enjoy reading it.
I bought my copy from Amazon
Review by Lisa Hutson


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