Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wind Chime Summer by Sophie Moss

Wind Chime Summer
by Sophie Moss
Wind Chime Summer is
Book Three of
The Wind Chimes Novels
I spent a few years volunteering at my local USO.
It was an amazing time. I felt like I was making a
true contribution to the great men, women and
the families of those that protect this country. I also
had the opportunity to talk to many service members,
veterans and their families. I learned a lot. There was
one subject that came up so much. PTSD.
We all know that it isn't an issue exclusive to service
members. But that is what this story is centered on.
Without question, Sophie Moss wrote a wonderful
love story including a group of characters that
are very brave, strong men and women.
Wind Chime Summer is a romantic story. But it isn't
a romance that comes easily. Both Ryan and Izzy have
to fight hard to get to the place where they can have a
true relationship with romance. Ryan is coming to terms
with his own issues. Family history mostly.
Then its Izzy Rivera. She has been falling deeper and
deeper into the haze, terror and anger of PTSD.
Stemming from her service time in the Army.
As with
most people, she thinks she can handle it.
If she can only find a way to deal a particular person.
Of course, there is so much more to it than this one guy
or one incident. In the end, Izzy does get the help she
needed. On many fronts. And from many people.
Ryan and Izzy are perfect for each other, of course.
Ryan is infinitely patient. Izzy is determined.
They find their way to each other. Ryan also finds a
way to connect with his father.
And Izzy finds her way back to the kitchen.
Ahh, the love. The wonderful deep emotion that is
the biggest part of this wind chime summer.
The soft sounds and beauty of the wind chimes
is romantic and magical. Its proven in every story.
I want to add something. Here is a link.
If you or someone you know needs help.
I hope this will lead you to the people
you need. Maybe its just a starting point.
But I truly hope you will find the help
from somewhere.
I have enjoyed every book in this series.
I bought the first book. The second two were
arcs given to me in exchange for an
honest review.
This review by Lisa Hutson


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