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Sweet Talk Me - Review

HE’S SURE GOT A WAY WITH WORDS… The last person True Maybank expected to run into while picking up her wedding gown was country music superstar Harrison Gamble. Years ago, when they were small-town teens in Biscuit Creek, South Carolina, they shared a forbidden night of passion. Now that she’s about to settle down, True’s love affair with the handsome crooner is a thing of the past. Or is it? In Sweet Talk Me, from the moment he says hello, she has to fight swooning like an adoring fan.

CAN SHE RESIST HIS CHARMS? Today he’s rich, famous, and on every woman’s hot list. But back in the day, Harrison wasn’t good enough for debutante True. Since then she’s had her fair share of marital prospects, including the perfect Southern gentleman she’s about to settle down with. Is Harrison the only one to realize the mistake True’s about to make? Can the society girl and the sexy singer make music together—this time around? 

This is the BEST contemporary I have read! Sweet Talk Me is the first novel by author Kieran Kramer which I have read. I enjoyed it immensely. I was so invested in the novel and the characters that I stayed up until 1am to finish it! Could not put it down! The novel is a second chance at romance novel which features country singer Harrison Gamble and his childhood friend True Maybank. Harrison grew up in a trailer park while True grew up at Maybank Hall, her family's estate. Harrison and True meet by accident as True is departing from a bridal shop with her wedding gown.

He drives her home and realizes that True's home is in disrepair and that True and her sister Weezie are running a U-Pick tomato farm on the family estate. Harrison is interested. Interested in True. Interested in True's wedding to the rich Dubose. Why is she marrying him, anyway? Harrison is charming and he is going to figure out why True is planning her wedding while her intended is away on business. Harrison oozes Southern charm and is a sweet talker. True is the epitome of a modern southern woman; pretty poised and practical.

The secondary characters in the novel are well written and so charming. Harrison's brother Gage is a famous crossword puzzle author living in a trailer decorated in Brady Bunch decor. Hmm. . . Harrison needs to build Gage a new home. True's sister Weezie is a hoot, she says what is on her mind much to her sisters horror. Harrison needs to convince True to let Weezie live on campus when she attend college. I laughed out loud at the Weezie and Gage scenes. Their friendship was an awesome piece of the book and added to the book's charm.

Our hero and heroine have several obstacles to overcome during the course of their love story. Harrison needs to overcome his writer's block and write some new songs. True needs to decide if she should choose marrying for true love or marry someone that everyone thinks she should marry. Is Harrison inspired to write another top 40 country best seller? Does True follow her heart? Read and won't be disappointed. I am looking forward to reading more contemporary novels by Kieran Kramer.

Thank you for such an enjoyable book!

Lady Celeste gives Sweet Talk Me by Kieran Kramer
a six pack!

  Review by Susan Gorman


  1. Can't wait to read this book, it sounds charming.

  2. Gayle -you will enjoy Harrison and True! Such a charming book!

  3. Love the names. Sounds like it could be a fun read. Thanks for the review, Sue!

    1. Lisa-- You will appreciate the humor and the details in this book!
      The characters are awesome, too.

  4. Bought "Sweet Talk Me" at the RT#14 convention. I love this book! Laughed so much while reading it! A wonderful story. Also it was a huge joy to meet Kieran Kramer. So glad you have this review on your site. Judy Christiana

    1. Judy--Thank,you for posting. I really love this book and look forward to Kieran's next contemporary! You are so lucky to have gone to RT and to have met Kieran! :)

  5. ...and it looks like my Want to Read pile has a new addition. You got me with the crossword puzzle writer with a trailer decorated with a Brady Bunch theme :-)

  6. Karen- Thank you for stopping by! You will love the writing and the characters and the southern sense of charm and humor in this book.
    Let me know what you think.


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