Monday, August 11, 2014

The Captive by Grace Burrowes

The Captive is the first novel in Grace Burrowes' new Captive Hearts trilogy.

The novel's hero Christian Donatus Severn, the eighth Earl of of Mercia, was captured by the French, tortured and left for dead. The Captive is an intense, moving story which deals with the aftereffects of war and one man's healing process. The novel contains a very wonderfully written romance which will make you believe that people can put their troubles behind them, hearts can mend and love does exist.

Christian wasn't precisely glad to be alive. Surviving torture turned a man into a ghost toting a bag of memories that could not be shared, and inhabiting a body no longer reliable or easily maintained. That body after torture, did not sleep well, did not exert itself unproblematically, did not ingest food easily, and certainly could not be relied upon to deal with amatory pastimes--not that Christian would be indulging in any of those. 

Not soon. Not immediately. 

But the hour he'd spent with his daughter made it plain that the child, at least, was delighted her papa had survived, and this changed the complexion of Christian's existence.
Ms. Burrowes drew me into this complex story with her characters. The first few chapters of the novel are intense, dark and at the same time very compelling. Christian was both a nobleman and an officer. Why wasn't he rescued? What was the motive behind the capture, the torture and starvation?

 A nervous Gillian, Lady Greensdale visits Christian in London shortly after he returns to England. She is concerned about Lucy, Christian's daughter. Lucy has not spoken a word to anyone since the deaths of her mother and younger brother. Why can't Lucy speak? Is she injured? Did she see something when her mother died? Why is Lady Greensdale so nervous?

Each of the main characters was held captive in the story. During his imprisonment, Christian refused to speak and focused on revenge to get through the torture and humiliation. Gilly suffered in silence. Lucy withdrew into her own silent world after her mother's death.

The Captive is a thought provoking story which contains the right amount of romance, suspense and mystery. I enjoyed the witty banter between Gilly and Christian. There are unexpected plot twists which kept me on the edge of my chair. I read the last 100+ pages of the book in one sitting. I highly recommend this book!

Looking forward to The Traitor, the second book in the series.

Reviewed by Susan Gorman

This review by Susan Gorman originally appeared at Fresh Fiction.


  1. I will have to read this book! I've enjoyed her Lonely Lords series so far.

    1. I am enjoying the Lonely Lords, too. I like each story. My favorite GB character is Devlin St Just and he appears in this novel. Missy thanks for stopping by....have a great holiday weekend!

  2. Awesome review Sue! I have this book here. And it has just moved ahead in the line up of my reading material.

    1. Lisa-- thank you! I know you will enjoy The Captive!


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