Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I Adored A Lord - Review

I Adored A Lord is FANTASTIC!

The novel is set in a remote castle in the mountains of France. Ms. Ashe crafts a classic whodunit complete with a unique cast of characters. A wealthy English earl, his wife and daughters, the Feathers family , a Scottish Duchess and her daughter, a French war hero and his daughter, an Italian bishop and his niece and Lord Prunesly, his daughter and son gather for a bride-hunting party. The intended groom is Prince Sebastio. Each eligible young lady seeks to win the Prince's affections at any cost.
Our heroine Ravenna Caulfield reluctantly travels to the party with her employer Sir Beverley Clark and their friend Francis Pettigrew. I was drawn to the story's heroine. Ravenna's spirits are low. Her beloved dog, Beast, has died, her sister has married a Duke and her life of solitude and peace is changing. And she is wondering why she is at a house party filled with wealthy titled members of the aristocracy and their spoiled adult children.                                   
Our heroine and our hero, Vitor , first meeting does not go well. He surprises her and she responds with a pitchfork! It's classic meeting crafted by Katharine Ashe that readers will remember for a long time! Vitor is my favorite type of hero. He is an honorable man with secrets. Ravenna and Vitor's love story is played out during the course of the house party. I enjoyed how their romance progressed with the story. Their poignant romance was believable, it was not forced or rushed.

The adventure begins as one of the houseguests is murdered and Ravenna and Vitor join forces to figure out which guest is the murderer. The are a few surprises, a dog napping, a kidnapping, a scandalous secret or two and several confessions before the murderer's identity is revealed. I read the last 150+ pages in one sitting as I was invested in the characters and the outcome of the story. I admit, I cried at the ending. It was fabulous!                            

 I read between 2-3 books each week. I can count on one hand how many books have impressed me in 2014. Katharine Ashe's I Adored A Lord is one of them!

Lady Celeste Gives I Adored A Lord a Six Pack

I Adored A Lord is the second book in The Prince Catchers series and can be read as a stand alone novel.
Reviewed by Susan Gorman


  1. Great review! And I love the pictures. Glad you liked it so well!

  2. Wonderful review and as I love books that make me cry this will be a must read. The "to be read" stack grows ever higher. Hello Miss Celeste you look very pretty today!

  3. Thank you Ladies!
    It's a great read.


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