Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Then Came You - Audio version review

Audio version
"We are strangers," she said.
"Yeah. Strangers who know what
each others O-face looks like-"
She covered his mouth but it was too late.
And great, now she was sweating again.

Typical, perfect Jill Shalvis.
Wyatt & Emily. Great character driven
romance reading. If you have read Jill before,
you know what I mean. If you have not and ever
wanted to, this is a perfect starting point.

Jill has a way of getting you to feel every emotion
in her writing. You will laugh. Not just a little but often.
You will cry, in sadness and happiness. She brings it all
about. There is always sizzling physical heat.

Emily and Wyatt work at the animal hospital,

in Sunshine, Idaho. The two of them have an
interesting fleeting past. Now, they are going
to be together in their work.
The attraction that drew them together

in the past is as strong as ever.  
Emily simply cannot help herself.
 And Wyatt does not let her forget it.
Of course,
he can't help himself either.
He just hides it better than she can.

I believe you can easily enjoy this series out
of order. This story does well as a stand alone.
Karen White does the narration. She has a sort

of jerky kind of speech pattern. Some times more
noticeable than others throughout the story.
But it did not ruin the story for me.

Lessons learned from this story.
One night stands are not always only one night.
 Do not use bar napkins as stationery.  

Review by Lisa Hutson


  1. Lisa Loved this review. I am going to read my Jill Shavis kindle collection!

    1. I hope you will give her a try, Susan. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. She is not for everyone of course. But probably she is for MOST everyone. haha

  2. Great review!
    Do not use bar napkins as it!
    I will have to look for this one

    1. LOLOL Thanks Karen. If you do get a chance to read it, you will find out the possible consequences when you do use bar napkins for stationery. haha
      Thanks for stopping by to read my review.


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