Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to You - Review

Paperback version
Reviewed by Lisa Hutson
The order this series was published in has
been more than a little hard to follow. It does
matter in some of the storylines. Though I have
 read the ones I have out of order.
And still enjoyed every story.
This one is the story of Trent & Laura. They have
been important parts since the beginning. But I believe you
could read this story and understand just fine.

Trent and Laura are trying to make it through
as a family. Sometimes, love isn't all it takes.
When you have to be stubborn and determined.
 There are times you need help from your friends.

 And maybe even a hamster or two.

Jessica writes stories that I don't believe anyone else can.
I think she has experience that no other romance writer has.
 Her stories are not political. They are romantic love
stories about people living a life in and around the military.
So her characters have challenges, kind of the same and
kind of different, from any other romantic story.
Substance abuse, loss of limb, cancer,
 mental health issues, adultery....
All the sorts of challenges in every romance novel.
But different.

The characters are so human. Each different.
After a while, you will know who is
speaking just by the dialogue.
There is laughter, sadness, fear and love. There are
friends, family and chains of command.
I cannot recommend this series and this author
enough. I have only a small number of
auto buys. Jessica Scott is one of them.

This story has been available for some time in the
kindle version. Only recently available in the
paperback version.

This may be a starting point for information and
where to go for help with PTSD.

This is a place to begin if you are looking
for information about breast cancer.


  1. Lisa--Great review. I am adding this to my TBR list. Loved the photo!

    1. If you get a chance to read it, Susan, you will love the hamster even more. :-)


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