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From The Reviewers Desk - In Bed With A Rogue

The Reviewer's Desk of Susan Gorman

In the past few weeks, I have read several excellent novels and posted my reviews on the Lady Celeste blog and on Fresh Fiction

September is a great time to grab a book and read. The weather is cooler, summer vacation is over and everyone is back to school and college.

This week I would like to feature three books from authors Samantha Grace, Juliana Gray and Erin Knightley that I was excited to read and review. Both Juliana Gray and Samantha Grace are new -to -me authors. Erin Knightley writes from the heart and her characters are fabulous. I really enjoyed reading their books and I hope you do as well!

Today's featured book review is:  In Bed With A Rogue by author Samantha Grace

Ms. Grace creates a fabulous hero in Sebastian Thorne. Sebastian tugged at my heart from the very beginning of this story. The novel begins with our hero drinking at a bar in a seedy part of town. Sebastian is drinking quite a bit because he was jilted by his fiancé . He is tired of the gossip and being featured daily in the Society pages of the paper. He is attacked outside the bar and the thieves steal his money and his boots! His boots--how embarrassing! Before Sebastian passes out from too much drinking and a beating, he thinks he sees an angel.

Lady Helena Prestwick is searching for her sisters. She believes one sister may be working in the Whitechapel section of London. Helena is the angel who finds the injured Sebastian and returns him to his home. A few evenings later, Sebastian and Helena meet at a society event and they are attracted to each other. Sebastian loves his family and is very loyal and he desires to see his sister who was left at the alter settled. He makes a bargain with Helena which benefits both of them .

Ms. Grace 's subtle commentary on the social classes reminds the reader that there is an underlying meaning to the novel. The differences between the aristocracy and the working class are brought to light as Helena's own story is revealed and as she and Sebastian search for her sisters. Sebastian is falling for Helena. But, Helena enjoys her status as a widow and the freedom it provides her. Although, she is falling in love with the captivating Sebastian, Helena says she's not ready to commit to marriage. The search for Helena's sisters takes the couple from the seedy sections of London to ballrooms and soirées and to the countryside. Will Sebastian figure out where the sisters are living and who is threatening Helena? Will Helena admit her feelings for Sebastian?

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  1. He thinks he sees an angel! I love stories with that.
    Terrific review. And beautiful green cover!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Lisa-- you will love Sebastian! He's a charmer !!!


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