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Wicked Designs: The League of Rogues, Book 1 - Review

Wicked Designs: The League of Rogues, Book 1 - Review

by Lauren Smith
     League Rule 4
When seducing a lady, any member of the League may pursue her until after she has declared her interest in a particular member, and at such time, all pursuits of the lady by others must cease.

Series: League of Rogues, Book 1
Emily drew in a deep breath. She had to make a choice: escape and return to her uncle and Blankenship, remain here with Godric or hope she could make a match with some man desperate to get access to her fortune regardless of her tainted state. Only one of those options had appeal.
Wicked Designs comments on social issues of the 1820's. Women were property. Emily could not live on her own. She was forced to live with her Uncle Albert in his town home while another relative managed her funds. Emily needed to make a match to escape her untrustworthy uncle and his nasty, cruel Blankenship. Lauren Smith creates a memorable character in Blankenship as he epitomizes evil.

I felt there was perfect balance between romance and intrigue in the novel. I wasn't entirely sure which rogue would capture Emily's heart. Godric? Ashton? Lucien? The romance develops as the story progresses. There are several villains and plot twists in this fast- paced adventure. The last three chapters of the book kept me reading to see the novel's resolution.

I recommend Wicked Designs to anyone who enjoys a fast paced adventure filled with romance and intrigue. Enjoy! I did!!

Lady Celeste Gives Wicked Designs a six-pack!

Lady Celeste is looking forward reading to Lauren Smith's gothic novel The Shadows of Stormclyffe Hall which is due out on September 22nd because she heard there is a corgi in the story! :)

The next League of Rogues book is Lucien's story: His Wicked Seduction. It will be available on November 11th. I think our Lady Celeste likes the bad boys!

Read more at Lauren Smith's website.

Review by Susan Gorman


  1. I really enjoyed this book too. I'm looking forward to Lucien's story coming in November.

    1. Carol- Thank you for stopping by! I am looking forward to Lucien's story, too. And Ashton's as well.

  2. Thank you so mcuh for the wonderful review!!!1

    1. Lauren Wicked Designs is fabulous! I am glad you liked my review.
      Am listening to the audio now....great narrator!

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    1. Thank you Lisa!!!!
      Your opinion means a lot to me !!!!


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