Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Review of Hadrian

Review of Hadrian
Lord of Hope
Lonely Lords Book 12

"She really and truly loved him,
and he loved her back.
How very, very delightful.
Also quite messy."

Messy indeed. The story is made up of one mess after another.
Many cases of love. All messy situations.
Long standing love. Love between siblings.
Love for friends. Love from a deranged selfish mind.
And messy love that simply cannot be stopped.

While there is plenty of it, the love does not come easy.  
You will root for the good guy to be successful. And you won't
be sure until the very very end who the bad ''guy or guys" is.
You will be relieved when the final hurdle is met.

Grace has written this long string of Lonely Lord stories. Every one
unique and completely its own. Yet they are connected
and a part of each other. They do not have to be read in order.
Her writing style is always easy to read and enjoy. Her vocabulary
is astonishing. It adds to the stories without disrupting the flow.

I always take pleasure in reading Grace Burrowes. The story
of Hadrian & Avie was one to rejoice in.
Love does conquer all.

Reviewed by Lisa Hutson

Hadrian is available for sale in ebook and paperback forms.


  1. I am so tempted to read this book ! Great review.
    I love this series and will start David soon.
    So manyLords, so much to enjoy! :)

  2. So many Lords. So little time, eh, Susan??LOL


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