Friday, September 5, 2014

From The Reviewer's Desk --The Baron Next Door

From The Reviewer's Desk of Susan Gorman

I enjoy reading Erin Knightley's books and novellas. Today, I'd like to share my thoughts on her newest novel.

I believe that Erin Knightly has set the stage for a breathtaking story of self discovery and healing in her newest novel The Baron Next Door.

A hung over Hugh Danbury wakes up to the sound of Charity playing her pianoforte. Charity is a pianist and practices daily to prepare for her audition in the Summer Serenade. The fun begins when the cranky Hugh now known as Baron Cadgwith visits with Charity and her Grandmother and asks Charity to "keep the infernal racket to a minimum." Charity is insulted and plots revenge while the Baron is clueless!! I enjoyed reading how this couple who started out at odds with each other grew to respect each others differences.

The Baron Next Door is character driven novel. Each character in the story is well developed, unique and plays an important role in the storyline. I loved Charity's Grandmother. Lady Effington understands Charity’s desire for a love match. She provides the right touch of Grandmotherly concern and advice and supports her granddaughter. Lady Effington ‘s observations throughout the novel were spot on. I enjoyed how the three friends Charity, Sophie and May join forces to get a place in the music recital. Their friendship is a key piece in the novel.

The novel contains many examples of lyrical imagery. I loved the scenes when Charity would sneak to the piano room at midnight and play her haunting musical compositions. She expressed her feelings through her music and these scenes were excellent. Although there are no bedroom scenes, the writing is very sensuous. There is passion and the reader understands the characters feelings.

 The last few chapters of the Baron Next Door contained several surprising and unexpected events that kept me reading past my bedtime. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. 

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