Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Four Friends - Audio Version Review

Audio Version

This was my first Robyn Carr experience. She is an author
that I see around often. But just never got around to reading.
I saw this one on sale at so I gave it a try.

As you might guess, it is a story of four friends.
They share a street in a typical neighborhood. I have
wondered, if I got to know the other women on my
street, would I find such a diverse group? They are each
very different women. Their lives, their marriages, children,
family, history, thought processes all so very very
different. And yet, they are able to be supportive and
encouraging of each other. There are secrets and mysteries.
There are plenty of those ah-ha moments.

I do highly recommend this one. If you have never tried
an audio book before, this is a good one. It is
twelve and a half hours long. So you definitely get your
moneys worth. The narration is terrific.

The only problem you will have is when to pause the story.
I had a hard time just stopping. I am guessing if I had
read the paperback, I would have felt the same.  
I can promise laughs and tears, surprise, shocks.
And at the end, you will probably go out your front
door and look up and down your street searching
for a truck. But I wont tell you whose truck. haha!

I will definitely give Robyn Carr another listen to or read.
This one was fabulous.
Review by Lisa Hutson


  1. Lisa--Loved this review! I am going to pick this book up on!

    1. I hope you like it too, Susan. Its not all rosie posie. Which is what makes it such a terrific read. I would love to hear what you think of it. :-)
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Sounds like a great one, As I have a lot of drawing to do I am listening about 3-4 CD's of a book a day. This one is on my list. Thank you for reviewing it.

    1. Really, Karen?? I am so glad to hear it.
      I think you will enjoy this one.
      I would love to hear how you liked it. How do you pick the stories you listen to?
      I am just curious.

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