Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wicked Designs by Lauren Smith -- Audio Version

Lauren Smith's Wicked Designs is a fast-paced book filled with engaging characters, humor, intrigue and sexual sizzle. I was drawn into the story when Emily overhears the coachman accepting a bribe and realizes that she is being kidnapped. I knew from the beginning of the novel that Emily was my favorite type of heroine as she approached her situation very calmly and started to make a plan. Feisty Emily wasn't going to be kidnapped without a fight!

Godric St Laurent and his band of rogues have kidnapped Emily because Emily's uncle owes Godric a great deal of money. I loved listening to the banter between Emily and the rogues at breakfast. The narrator did an excellent job switching between the voice of Emily and the lords at the table. 
I felt there was perfect balance between romance and intrigue in the novel. I wasn't entirely sure which rogue would capture Emily's heart. Godric? Ashton? Lucien? The romance develops as the story progresses. There are several villains and plot twists in this fast- paced adventure.


Wicked Designs: League of Rogues, Book 1 (League of Rogues Series, Book 1)
By Lauren Smith
Narrated By Heather Wilds
Length: 11 hrs and 1 min 
Enjoyed reading this book and the audio was fabulous.
Excellent narrator. Lots of nuances in the narration of the book. 
Great audio for a long trip or a vacation. I listened to it driving to and from work and traveling to a dog show.
Even though I had read the book, I loved the audio so much that I listened to the ending in was awesome!

Link to the book review of Wicked Designs.

Reviewed by Susan Gorman.

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  1. I love audio books. So its fun to read audio reviews. Thanks for posting, Sue!! Great job!


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