Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review - Audio Version - Just a Wish Away - by Barbara Freethy

Book 2 of the Wish series
Narrated by Sandy Rustin
Review of the audio version
I happened onto this one on sale. I had never read
Barbara Freethy before. And it was a cute cover. A
good cover will grab me every time.

 Terrific characters.
Alexa and Braden were best friends as children. But as
often happens, they were separated and didn't see each
other for years. Now Alexa comes back to town to help
her aunt. She runs into Braden and the two of them find
themselves caught up in a mystery or two. They have
memories from childhood. Things that start putting
puzzle pieces together.

Of course, as they solve the
mysteries, they realize the feelings they have for each
other are not the feelings of children. Now, they are very
grown up, romantic and have plenty of  hot feelings. For each other.
But they both have their fears. Who will fall off the cliff? Who will
take the chance and let the love grow?

The narration was marvelous. She did a terrific job.
She sounded just like the cover looked. Sandy did
the male and female characters so well. I loved it. She
did not try to sound like a deep voiced guy. But I had
no trouble telling who was who by the voice.

I read on Barbara Freethys site that each of the stories in this
series is a stand alone. But they share the common theme of
wishes. So I do not know if the characters in this book
appear in others in the series. She did some great character
writing in Just a Wish Away. I will read more from this
writer. More from this particular series. And I will look
for this narrator again as well.

Review by Lisa Hutson

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  1. Great review Lisa!
    I have one of the authors books on my kindle and plan to read it soon.
    Fabulous photo!


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