Sunday, October 26, 2014

Baby On His Doorstep -- A Return to Harmony Novella -- by Cindy Kirk

Baby On His Doorstep  by Cindy Kirk

Second chance romances are my favorites! There is something so special when you read about two people who cared deeply for each other in the past, then resolve their differences and become friends. I love to read about how mature couples work through tough situations together because they trust and can communicate together. It's so heart warming and rewarding.

Contemporary author Cindy Kirk has written a superb 125 - page novella which provides a slice of small town life in Harmony, Idaho. Ms. Kirk's characters have very real issues to deal with and sort through. Forgiveness, trust, and faith are key elements in this wonderful story.

Callie Goodhue returns to her hometown to teach grammar school. On the first day of summer vacation she bumps into her former flame; Dr Eli Webster. Callie and Eli were close friends in high school and their friendship ended abruptly in college. Callie is not too pleased that Eli has moved into her neighborhood. 

There are unresolved feelings for both Callie and Eli. Things get a bit complicated when a baby girl is left on Eli's porch with a note stating that Eli is the baby's father! Yikes! I found the ending of the story didn't go as I expected but, I enjoyed the resolution.

Please spend an afternoon in Harmony with these wonderful characters! You will meet some characters that might remind you of your sister, best friend or husband! 

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Cindy Kirk is releasing two more books set in Harmony: Love at Mistletoe Inn on November 25th and his Runaway Bride on December 6th.  

Reviewed By Susan Gorman 

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  1. I love romance with babies and kids.
    Terrific review. Sometimes, you just need a short read with a lot packed into it!! Thanks for sharing!


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