Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review of The Chance by Robyn Carr

"You're getting turned on." She put her card
 back in her purse. "You just met a woman who 
likes to cook and live in clean environs and
 you're actually getting turned on!"

This is book 4 of her Thunder Point Series.
I don't know what made me pick it up at the
library. But I am glad I did. Over all, very easy to read. 
Interesting community, Thunder Point. 
I was worried about jumping into the series
in the middle. There are a lot of characters in the
area. But it did not interrupt the flow of the story
at all. It was easy to pick up where people 
belonged. I could also see there were a couple of 
storylines I would like to read more about.

Laine & Eric were a terrific pair. There were a
couple of odd twists in their relationship. And its
not often that you will find an alpha female
story. But they seem great for each other.

We all have family issues. The trick is to find
the person you can love. The person that can be
supportive and encouraging, through family and
your past. The person that can accept you for all
your secrets and mistakes.

There is a side love story. Al & Rae Ann. Now their story
could have been an awesome one. Mystery and deep hidden
feelings and pasts. Even Rae Ann with people that have known her
forever. I kept wanting to know more about them.

I have read Ms Carr before, Four Friends. I enjoyed
that one as well. I don't think she will ever be an auto buy,
all time favorite. But it was a lovely read. I felt
connected and enjoyed it. And I have just gone online
to reserve The Hero. Number 3 in this series. Yes, I
know I am going backwards. But it does sound like
a good story.  

 Review by Lisa Hutson


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