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At The Billionaires Wedding ~~ Miranda Neville, CarolineLinden,Katharine Ashe and Maya Rodale

The Lady Authors have invited us to a modern fairy-tale wedding which takes place in an old English county estate. Romance writer Jane Sparks and her technology billionaire fiancĂ© Duke Austen have planned a private wedding at Kingstag Castle in Dorset, England. Things are going along smoothly until Jane learns that Kingstag castle has burned down! After an Internet search, Duke saves the day and locates an alternate site for the wedding . The wedding venue is now Brampton House, an older family home which is being renovated into a hotel. Duke writes a large check to speed up the construction process. Jane sends her wedding planner Arwen Kilpatrick to check out Brampton house. 

The cast of characters is amazing. Each person adds to the story and makes an appearance or two in the other chapters in the book. Kudos to the Lady Authors for the continuity in this well plotted, romantic anthology!

The Best Laid Planner--author Miranda Neville

Miranda Neville sets the stage for the book with her characters of Harry, the charming handyman and Arwen, the no nonsense wedding planner. Their conversations made me laugh out loud and smile at the same time! Harry gives Arwen a tour of Brampton house and the grounds. Harry has a quick answer to all of Arwen’s questions about the guest rooms not having mini bars or fridges and the lack of wait staff. Arwen notices that there is no cell reception or Wi-Fi anywhere in the house or outside on the grounds. Harry dodges her question by suggesting that she walk a quarter of a mile up a hill to the family mausoleum for cell service (everyone walks up a hill to use their cell phone and laptop, right?).

Will Harry the handyman be able explain to Arwen that the hotel doesn't have a hotel manager? Or a commercial kitchen license? That the Internet won’t be working until after the wedding? And that he’s really not a handyman?

 Will You Be My Wi-Fi? --author Caroline Linden 

Caroline Linden's depiction of over worked corporate attorney Archer Quinn is spot on. Archer misses the familiar buzz of the incoming mail signal on his laptop and is desperate to download his email and check his voicemail. He is stressed because he can't work while he is on vacation! Archer searches for a signal and happens upon a cottage with a strong Wi-Fi signal. He immediately annoys chef Natalie Corcoran who is living at the cottage while writing a cookbook. I loved this career focused couple who have had little time for a social life. The story was sweet, sexy and so fun to read!

Natalie tempts Archer with her desserts-- will the lack of internet force Archer to take a day off from work and spend time with Natalie?

Can Archer fix the old computer in Natalie's cottage and restore the Wi-Fi? After the hotel refrigerator breaks ruining all of the desserts, can Arwen convince Natalie to bake the rehearsal cake and provide the dinner desserts in an afternoon?

The Day It Rained Books by Katharine Ashe

I loved this Cinderella story which has modern social themes sprinkled through the story. Cali and Piers's story included issues such as literacy, workplace harassment and corporate take overs. The hardworking Cali appealed to me. I understood why she wanted to leave her troubles behind her and enjoy herself at the wedding. Who wouldn't want an all expenses paid trip to England to a Billionaire's wedding? Piers is such a great hero. He has everyone's best interests at heart although he makes a huge miscalculation. Can Cali overcome her fears and forgive Piers?

Will Cali's mysterious benefactor be revealed? When Cali returns home will she meet the man in the park?

The ending of this story was not what I expected and was a bit of a nail biter-- and so worth it !

The Moment When You Fall In Love by Maya Rodale

Damien Knightley is in trouble. He's been challenged by a competitor to print exclusive pictures of the top secret Jane Sparks and Duke Austen wedding. And he's bet his family's newspaper.

He's got an in.....he's dating Roxanna Lane, the maid of honor. Damien doesn't like to lose.

Jane's bachelorette party is a riot. Maya Rodale had me laughing out loud during this chapter. Roxanna presents Jane with a sash with the words The Future Mrs Austen on it. Mimosas are served with breakfast and the party begins. The scene in the bar with Jane and her bridal party is hysterical-- laugh out loud funny and sweet and old fashioned -- all at the same time.

Can Roxanna get Jane out of the bar before the bride gets arrested? Does Roxanna have enough time to write her rehearsal speech? Will Damien keep his newspaper? Will Damien open his heart to Roxanna?

Enjoyed this book so much that I bought the three books in Maya Rodale's series about Jane and Duke's love story.

Looking forward to the next Lady Authors anthology...romance writing at it's best!

Reviewed by Susan Gorman

Lady Celeste says to read the epilogue's awesome!

A book with a six pack rating is a must read!!!

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