Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ryans Place by Sherryl Woods - Audio Version

Reviewing the audio version

Maggie O'Brien finds herself in need of help outside a
neighborhood pub. Its winter. Cold and snowing.
When she goes inside, she finds herself
meeting Ryan Devaney. A handsome man, constantly
coerced into helping other people by a clever, determined
friendly priest, Father Francis. While Ryans life has left him
alone. With no blood family. Maggie has grown up in a large
family. Protected and loved. When Maggie meets Ryan, she knows
he is the one. But Ryan is not interested in being the one, long term.
Maggie is not one to give up. Nor will she drag him to
admit he loves her. She wants it to be all his idea. Or at least for him
to think its all his idea. Ryan has to come to accept for himself
that Maggie should be his. That he is worthy of Maggie and her love.
That he is also worthy of his own history. Maybe its time to find
out the real story of his past. Maybe he should suck it up and
make Maggie his. No more fear.

The narrator is Luke Daniels.
I personally prefer a male narrator for most romance stories.
 And Luke is wonderful. Very male voice. He does not try to
sound girly for Maggie. But there is no mistaking who is
talking in the dialogue. Luke makes them distinct.
I am disappointed in myself that I did not take the time
to make note of quotes from this story to share.
The dialogue was fun and realistic.
I enjoyed listening to this story. Its my first Sherryl Woods
story. As well as my first Luke Daniels listen. I believe I
will look for more from both of them.

Review by Lisa Hutson 


  1. Lisa--loved this review!
    I am going to buy the book next time I am at Barnes and Noble!!

    1. Oh thanks so much, Sue. I think it might still be on sale in audio version on Either way, I think you will like it.

  2. Will have to look for Luke Daniels. Nice review, Lisa.

    1. Gayle, you are the best. Thanks so much.


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