Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Spy Beneath the Mistletoe by Shana Galen

The final story in the
Christmas in the Dukes Arms Anthology

"Perhaps he'd always wished to be a strapping
sportsman, whereas she had always dreamed of
being a diamond of the first water. But here they were-
Eliza and Pierce - two very ordinary people....
well, except for the espionage bit."

I have looked forward to this book for a while.
And of course, when it comes out, I don't have the
time for reading it. But I made time to read one of the
stories. Shana Galens contribution.
It is a lovely way to finish her spy series.

Pierce Moneypence and Eliza Qwillen (Q).
They help protect their country. They are smart
and brave. Fearless if someone has a gun or knife.
Bombs are interesting, not terrifying.
But love. Love, they are both unsure and afraid of.
Like most of us, they put off sharing feelings.
But in their line of work, putting things off is
dangerous. Will it be too late when they decide
they want to be together??

I have enjoyed this whole series. Now, I am so glad
to get his last part. Shana has done a wonderful
job with all these characters. I am happy when
side characters get to tell their story too.
I hope you will like it as well.

Review by Lisa Hutson

Want a review of the whole anthology? Click here for Susan Gorman's review. .


  1. Replies
    1. Its very little Shana, but hope you liked it. I love that those two got there own story. :-)

  2. Great review Lisa. Like you I have little time for reading at the moment. I have this book on my Kindle and need to make some time for Shana's contribution.


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