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Christmas In The Dukes Arms by Grace Burrowes, Shana Galen,MirandaNeville and Carolyn Jewel

Tis the season for holiday-themed stories!

Christmas in the Duke's Arms is a anthology written by best selling authors Grace Burrowes, Shana Galen, Miranda Neville and Carolyn Jewel. The book is set in the English countryside during the holiday season.

I loved that the four stories in this anthology are connected. Characters travel from one story to another providing continuity to the book. Each author features individual characters and crafts a specific story for these characters in her short story while keeping to a common story line and holiday theme. 

The novel begins with A Knight Before Christmas by Grace Burrowes. Readers may remember the character of Penelope Carrington from Ms. Burrowes' novel Lady Lousia's Christmas Knight. Penelope meets with her man of business Sir Leviticus Sparrow to discuss her finances. Penelope needs to marry quickly to inherit a larger portion of her late husband's estate to support her family. Will Penelope's rabbit Franklin help her choose her white knight? And will Levi approve? 
Christmas in The Duke's Arms is written by Carolyn Jewel. I loved this story about the Duke of Oxthorpe and Miss Edith Clay. Earlier in the year, the Duke had courted Edith's cousin. Edith had chaperoned the visits and had was not too impressed by him. I enjoyed reading this story. It's charming, has great characters and it is great fun to see what lengths the Duke will go to to win Edith's affections. Will the Duke arrive home in time to dance with Edith under the mistletoe at the local holiday assembly? 

Miranda Neville is a new to me author. I loved Wyatt Carbury, the list making Duke and the strong -willed heroine, Robina, in Licensed to Wed. Carbury begins each day by writing a to do list; the list indicates how he prioritizes his day. Proposing marriage to his neighbor and friend Robina usually appears last on the daily task sheet. Robina declines Wyatt's less than heartfelt proposal and chooses to become a paid companion to an elderly woman. Carbury is insulted and confused. After all, the proposal was on his list and he was prepared with a special marriage license. Robina and Wyatt meet at the Dukes Arms Inn after her coach has been robbed and she has been left without funds. The couple is stranded together during a holiday snowstorm....will they be able to work through their differences in time to attend the holiday assembly?
Eliza Qwillen and Pierce Moneypence are two of my favorite characters from Shana Galen's spies series. Shana Galen's A Spy Beneath the Mistletoe is the final story in the anthology. Eliza and Pierce are tasked by different members of the Barbican group to track down and apprehend the mysterious New Sheriff of Nottingham who is robbing the coaches as they travel through the countryside. Pierce suggests to Eliza that they work together. Will Pierce use this assignment as an opportunity to win back Eliza's heart? And will the New Sheriff of Nottingham be brought to justice?
Reading Christmas In The Duke's Arms definitely got me in the holiday spirit. The cover is gorgeous with it's holiday colors, snowflakes and mistletoe. And each story is heartwarming and full of holiday cheer! I highly recommend Christmas In The Duke's Arms to everyone!!

Reviewed By Susan Gorman

  A book with a six pack rating is a must read!!!

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