Sunday, November 23, 2014

An Heiress for All Seasons ~~ A Debutante Files Christmas Novella--Sophie Jordan

Reading holiday novellas helps me get into the holiday spirit!  I love a well written novella with interesting characters and a fun plot! Sophie Jordan's 100 - page Christmas novella  An Heiress for All Seasons is all of that and more!

The novella features Violet Howard, an American heiress who does not not want to marry a nobleman. Her heart belongs to her Father's man of business. Her Mother has arranged for them to spend the Christmas holidays with the Earl of Merlton and his family. The Earl needs to marry an heiress for her dowry. He is land rich but, short on funds.

The heiress he'd been avoiding intrigued him. This was his sole thought as he surveyed her. She was young. pretty. Prettier than she realized. He recognized that at once. She did not possess an inch of self-awareness and that was a refreshing change. Most heiresses he has met floated around around with inflated egos, confident that their positions and dowries would win them anything. The pretty ones were the most insufferable.

Ms. Jordan's hero and heroine are well-written and their conflict and romance is believable. Violet appealed to me. She was headstrong, direct and wanted to marry for love. Will, the Earl of Merlton, was instantly attracted to Violet and thought a marriage to an heiress would benefit him. He thought of marriage as a business arrangement. Violet had other ideas. Although he tried, Will could not charm Violet . Their witty dialogue and the many misunderstandings between the couple made me laugh. 

The novella held my interest as I read it straight through in one sitting.  The story was well-paced and the romance was well -written and quite steamy! Enjoyed how the story concluded...there were several unexpected twists and turns along the way.

If you are looking for a lovely holiday story filed with memorable characters and lots of romance, read An Heiress for All Seasons.

Reviewed by Susan Gorman


  1. You sure do make it look like a wonderful story to read, Sue! Thanks so much for reviewing!


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