Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rumor Has It by Jill Shalvis- Audio Version

Audio Version

Ryan looked at her for a long moment.
There was a lot in his gaze.
Affection. A touching amount of concern.
And then, wariness.
Just then, Kate felt a change in her force field.
She didn't have to turn around to know who had come
up behind her and now stood at her back. It was utterly
unnecessary because her happy nipples told her exactly who it was.
She couldn't speak. Not when she realized that she was standing
between the only two men she'd ever slept with.

Jill Shalvis reading is always a pleasure. Romance. Sweet,
unpredictable, classic romance. Comedy. Great family and
friends. The towns and characters are so real.
This story is Book 4 in the Animal Magnetism series.

The town, Sunshine, Idaho.
Ryan has recently left the military. Not because he
wanted to. He has been a service member all his adult life.
Ryan is struggling to settle into civilian life.
So he came back to his home town, Sunshine. With no intention of staying.
Ryan just wanted to recover from the military.
Kate has never been out of the state. And she has no intention of leaving.
She is brilliant and a world class multi tasker. She has a younger brother and sister.
Kate is raising them. Raising them, along with their father.
 Life has been a struggle for him.
So Kate has kept things running and the kids taken care of.
Kate has the opportunity of a lifetime. And its about to expire.
In order to answer that opportunity, she has to leave Sunshine.

They are terrific characters with real problems. Just like we all have.
And they fall in love. But how do you work around big problems,
once in a lifetime opportunities, migraines and super heroes??
Anything can happen in Sunshine.

Karen White does the narration in Rumor Has It. She also did
Then Came You by Jill Shalvis. In fact, that was what made me
click ''buy''. Karen does a terrific job with the humor and the
hot & sexy scenes as well.
If you have ever thought you might like to try an audio book,
this might be the one for you. Its about 9 1/2 hours long. And as
of right now, it is on sale.
Its a wonderful story. Full of romance and some laughs.
I enjoyed it very much. And would highly recommend it.

 Review by Lisa Hutson

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