Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lady Madeleine's Christmas Wish by Ella Quinn

Author Ella Quinn's novella Madeleine's Christmas Wish is an excellent read!! The novella held my interest and I read it in one sitting. Madeleine's Christmas Wish had all of the adventure, romance and historical details that I look for in a regency romance novel. And the cover is fabulous! Just perfect for this holiday story!

Kudos to author Ella Quinn for writing a novella that captured the heart and spirit of the other novels in her Marriage Game series.

Madeleine's Christmas Wish is set in both France and England shortly after Napoleon's defeat. It's a fast paced ninety page novella with a handsome and honorable hero, a smart and beautiful heroine, lots of intrigue, passion and a nasty villain.

Madeleine and George are attracted to each other and the attraction grows as they make their way from England to Madeleine's families home in France during the holiday season.

George's kisses enthralled her, taking her to a different world. She had no idea how long they had been kissing. Almost as if someone had splashed cold water on her face, she came out of her enchantment. He'd had no trouble keeping track of the time ending their-their what ever it was called. And he was the one who remembered his promise when she would have allowed him to do more.

The last few chapters of the story are filled with adventure as the couple travels by coach, boat and a crowded mail coach to Madeleine's family's chateau. Will they reach the chateau in time to save Madeleine's family? Who will they find in the chateau? Will Madeleine get her Christmas Wish?

The conclusion to the story held a few tense moments and surprises. I enjoyed reading this novella and I hope you do as well!
Reviewed by Susan Gorman


  1. Beautiful cover and this sounds like a fun holiday read.

  2. Karen-- You would enjoy this book and the series!:)


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