Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Review of The Hero by Robyn Carr

Book 3 in the Thunder Point series.
The Hero.

Actually, this wonderful story was full of heroes. Heroes here. Heroes there.
It was awesome. It was overflowing with Heroes.
So much so in fact, one of the heroes stories slipped over into the next book of the series.
 This is a book that calls to me when I am trying to go to sleep,
"How can you sleep with all this going on?"
 The book that taunts me when I am making dinner,
"I know what happens next and you don't, ha ha ha!"
The characters are so real and true that you pick up the phone to call them up to go out to lunch. Wait, did I say that?? No, I never really did that.

So much going on. The book did not have a moment of slow time.
It was all action, life, kids, construction, suspense, crisis and love.
Glorious wonderful love.
There is thunder and lightning, the beach, a small town more like a family.
Did I mention love? The story runneth over with great
people sharing love, advice and furniture.
I highly recommend this Robyn Carr story. I have not read the first
two books of the series. Or anything after Book 4. But it is easy
to fall in with who is who and the community of the story. Though,
I am pretty sure the rest of the series will probably also be wonderful.

Review by Lisa Hutson

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