Sunday, December 7, 2014

Viscount of Vice by Shana Galen

Viscount of Vice  is the first novella in Shana Galen's new Covent Garden Cubs series,  and will be released January 6, 2015. The novella is a fast-paced regency romp filled with adventure and passion! 

Moisture gathered on his fingers, and his hand slipped. He could not hold on much longer. Perhaps his death was for the best. It wasn't as though anyone would mourn him. It wasn't as though he had anything to live for. 

Still, it seemed harsh even for one such as Beelzebub to claim him when he was hanging naked from a window of one of the most prestigious addresses in Mayfair.
Who could resist a story which opens with the hero dangling naked off a balcony ?? Can you imagine? I absolutely loved the first chapter of this novella as it was well-written and laugh -out -loud funny. I couldn't help falling for the novella's hero ; the charming scoundrel Flynn.

Ms. Galen's hero, heroine and their adventures are well -written and the storyline conflict is credible. Flynn meets with Sir Brooks Derring. Derring has some important information for Flynn and the two men head towards the town of Bath. Flynn meets and dances with Lady Emma Talbot, at an assembly in Bath. The character of Emma resonated with me. She's not the average society miss looking to marry a wealthy nobleman. She's independent and enjoys volunteering at the hospital. Emma has been love with Flynn for years. Flynn might be in lust with Emma but he's afraid of Emma's brother, the powerful Duke of Ravenscroft-- the hero from the author's book Sapphires Are An Earl's Best friend.

Viscount of Vice provides a great transition to Ms. Galen's new Covent Garden Cubs series. The novella explores several social issues and introduces the new series villain. I read the novella in one sitting. It held my interest and I am looking forward to the first book in the series Earls Just Want to Have Fun.

Reviewed by Susan Gorman

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