Sunday, December 14, 2014

Her Christmas Earl--A Regency Novella ---Anna Campbell

I have read several holiday novellas by Anna Campbell. Each one has been very sweet and romantic. Ms. Campbell's Her Christmas Earl is a sensuous story set during the holiday season.

It's Christmas Eve, Phillipa Sanders is searching Lord Erskine's room for an incriminating letter written by her sister, Amelia. Her sister has recently become engaged and Phillpa feels that Erskine may use the letter to blackmail her sister.

The dressing room door jerked open, unbalancing her. She only just saved herself from tumbling to the floor in an undignified heap. As she stared up at the looming figure above her, panic hammered through her, turning her blood to ice.

"What have we here?" The Scottish burr in the deep drawl brushed across her nerves as sandpaper.

Is Amelia scheming to trap Lord Erskine into marriage?
Does the charming handsome Scottish Lord wriggle his way out of this situation?
Spend a few hours reading this novella as all will be revealed.

Reviewed by Susan Gorman


  1. You had me at handsome Scottish Lord. I need to find a few hours to read this one. Great review Sue!

  2. Thank you Karen!
    Great clever dialogue....:)


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