Sunday, March 1, 2015

I Loved A Rogue by Katharine Ashe

Katharine Ashe has written a  heartfelt conclusion to the Prince Catcher series.  I Loved A Rogue features the characters of Eleanor Caulfield and  Taliesin Wolfe. This is the story that I have waited to read. I am happy to report that Eleanor and Taliesin's story is fabulous!

The story centers on the Caulfield sisters, Eleanor, Arabella and Ravenna who were found by a fisherman after a shipwreck. The sisters were sent to a workhouse until they were adopted by Vicar Martin Caulfield. They believe in a gypsy fortune which states that one of the sisters must marry a Prince if they are to learn their parent's names. Arabella and Ravenna are married leaving Eleanor to solve the mystery. The sisters are reunited with their childhood friend Taliesin Wolfe at Martin Caulfield's wedding. Taliesin agrees to accompany Eleanor on her journey.

I love a well written, emotional, well -paced second chance at romance novel. Katharine Ashe's lyrical prose draws you into Eleanor and Taliesin's story. Their love story is complicated , emotional and rewarding. Throughout the novel, the couple misunderstands each other's actions and motives. Their love for each other is strong but they have to overcome past events, solve the Prince Catchers riddle and recognize and trust their true feelings for each other. 

She had waited for years for Taliesin to return to her. She could acknowledge this now. In her heart, she had known he would come if she truly needed him.

The characters in this novel are beautifully written. Both the primary and secondary characters contributed to the storyline and add to the suspense aspect of the novel. I loved reading the interactions between the Caulfield sisters: Arabella , Ravenna and Eleanor.  Katharine Ashe crafts great sisters in this series. Each sister and their story is unique. The bond between the sisters is very strong and is at the heart of each novel.  I enjoyed learning more about Vicar Caulfield, meeting Robin Prince, his sisters and Taliesin's friend, Evan Saint.


Ms. Ashe weaves several historical elements into the storyline. These elements give authenticity to the story and add to it's suspense.  Talieson named his horse Tristan and Ellie's mare was Iseult. I  loved the references to the medieval Princess and the Knight who loved her which appear through the novel. Throughout  the novel the reader is aware of the difference between the social classes and the prejudice towards the lower class and gypsies. This theme is important as Taliesin must make an important decision which effects his relationship with Eleanor. I enjoyed how this piece of the storyline played out and how each of the main and secondary characters reacted to the situation.

I Loved A Rogue is a beautifully written story which will take the reader on an emotional and satisfying journey. I was swept away into the character's adventure and read the book in three sittings I enjoyed every word written by Katharine Ashe. The resolution of the book was very satisfying and rewarding. I was so involved in the story that the ending made me cry--tears of happiness. 

Reviewed by Susan Gorman

*Quote card used with permission from Katharine Ashe and made by Sharlene Martin Moore of Graphics by Sharlene


  1. It sounds like a terrific series, Susan! Katharine Ashe has a bunch of books on my ''to be kept'' shelves. I look forward to reading this series.

  2. Lisa-- It's such a great series. This is the story that Inwanted to read.
    Such great characters.


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